From: Exit News
125 Reports of Electoral Crimes Filed with the Albanian Prosecution

The prosecution office has received 125 reports on electoral crimes related to the April 25 general elections in Albania.

Investigations are ongoing into 10 suspects, and 5 people were arrested, the General Prosecutor’s Office announced in a statement on Saturday.

Political parties, candidates, individuals and public institutions filed 82 of the 125 reports, while 20 were filed by the police and 23 were transferred by the Special Prosecution.

Crimes suspected in these reports include the rigging of votes and election results, intentional damaging of ballot papers, multiple voting, vote buying, abuse of office by public officials, military and police, intimidation and threatening of voters, obstruction of voters.

The Socialist Party won a third term in the last elections in Albania, with 74 mandates in the 140-seat parliament.

Opposition leader Luzlim Basha has called the election “an electoral massacre”. The opposition says it is preparing criminal reports to be filed with the prosecution office to evidence electoral crimes.