From: Exit Staff
Nine Arrested for Attempted Illegal Border Crossing in Albania

Albanian State Police have charged nine people for illegal border crossing. 

Six of them have been charged for presenting allegedly false COVID-19 tests while attempting to travel from Albania to Brussels, Vienna, and Rome.

They have been charged with the criminal offenses of forgery of stamps and documents. 

Border Police also arrested three other citizens from Berat and Peqin who attempted to travel to England illegally.

The Border Police announced that it will increase controls to crack down on illegality and improve the quality of services.

In November 2020, Kapshtica border was closed after it was discovered that a group of individuals were forging negative PCR tests in Albania which were then used to cross the Greek border.

Despite lockdown measures, 2020 saw arrests almost every day as Albanians transported groups of migrants across the country, usually in vans or trucks.

Albania has become a transit route for Syrian migrants to EU countries as well. Despite arrests and increased border control measures by the EU police, migrant trafficking continues.