From: Exit News
Albanian Government to Ease Pandemic Restrictions Starting June

On Thursday, Albanian officials announced that Covid-19 lockdown measures will be relaxed over the upcoming weeks.

The Technical Committee of Experts overseeing the pandemic in Albania has decided that curfew hours will be reduced by one hour starting June 1. People will be able to stay outside from 6 a.m until 11 p.m.

Bars and restaurants will be allowed to keep their services open during this time and home delivery outside curfew hours be allowed.

Nightclubs will continue to remain closed. Music will be allowed until 10 p.m.

From June 1, outdoor masks will no longer be obligatory.

However, masks will be required indoors for locations such as healthcare facilities, state and local government offices, public and private transport, schools, and childcare where social distancing cannot be maintained.

Starting June 15, outdoor group gatherings of up to 15 people will be allowed, as long as they respect the rules of social distancing in compliance with Institute of Public Health protocols. Currently, all outdoor group gatherings have a limit of 10 participants.

From July 1, depending on the epidemiological situation, the curfew will be extended until midnight. Sports championships and cultural activities will be open to the public at a reduced capacity.