From: Exit News
Prosecution Demands 20 Years in Prison for Police Officer Who Shot Dead 25-Year-Old Man

The Prosecution Office of Tirana is seeking 20 years in prison for former police officer Navaldo Hajdara, who shot dead 25-year-old Klodian Rasha, a civilian, on December 8, 2020.

On May 20, the court accepted the defense’s request for an abbreviated trial for the police officer, for murder by excessive self-defense, rather than premeditated murder. This means that if the officer is convicted, he will serve only 13 years in prison.

Under Albanian procedural law, in an “abbreviated trial,” the defendant has the right to be judged through an accelerated procedure that does not require a detailed examination of the facts that were submitted as evidence during the preliminary investigation. It benefits the defendant as it allows their sentence to be reduced by 1/3 and makes a life sentence impossible.

The Court of Tirana is expected to make its final verdict on June 17.

Rasha’s death sparked violent protests across Albania, resulting in the resignation of Minister of Interior Sandër Lleshaj for this event.