From: Exit Staff
Ministry of Heath Publishes Guidelines for Hotels, Pool Owners, and Beaches

With tourist season well underway, the Ministry of Health has published the rules that tourism enterprises and businesses will have to comply with over the following months.

On private beaches, umbrellas and beds must be a minimum of 3.5 meters apart. All beach beds and accessories should be disinfected every day and waste bins should be emptied regularly.

On campsites or swimming pools, there should be one shower with freshwater, soap, and sanitizer for every 100 umbrellas/beds.

Swimming pools may be opened, but must regularly chlorinate the water and publish the chlorine level in a visible place every day. The pool and all facilities must be cleaned and disinfected at least once a day. The water of the pool must also be purified through a mandatory filtration system.

Owners must also provide disinfectant materials around the pool to allow staff and customers to clean sunbeds when needed. All must be thoroughly disinfected at least once a day by staff. In terms of sun loungers, groups of beds must be a minimum of two meters away from each other.