From: Exit News
Albanian Police Seize Over 300 kg of Cocaine in Transit from North Macedonia

Friday afternoon, Albanian police seized over 300 kg of cocaine in the Port of Durrës, during a customs scan of a truck coming from North Macedonia.

Border police uncovered the drugs hidden inside several small packages stamped with logos from luxury brands.

So far, only the truck driver has been arrested, a 40-year-old man from North Macedonia, who denied being aware that there were narcotics in the truck.

According to Report TV, the truck came from Belgium and entered North Macedonia via Serbia. Then the truck travelled from North Macedonia to Albania through the border crossing point of “Qafë Thanë” and headed to the Port of Durrës, with Naples, Italy as its final destination.

The large amount of drugs was organized in a manner reminiscent of the large cargo seized in Kosovo last month. 

On May 17, 400 kg of cocaine originating from Latin America were seized in a warehouse in Lipjan, Kosovo. The cargo arrived in Kosovo from Albania through the Port of Durrës.

About two months ago (on April 10) Albanian police seized 143 kg of cocaine arriving from Ecuador also in Durrës, while on April 1 the police seized an additional 49 kg of cocaine in a container filled with bananas shipped from Latin America.

Albanian police are trying to cooperate with North Macedonian counterparts to uncover the narcotics transport network.