From: Exit News
High Prosecutorial Council Suspends Two Albanian Prosecutors

On Monday, the High Prosecutorial Council (KLP) of Albania suspended the Head Prosecutor of Kukës Edmond Kariqi and Maksim Sota, a Vlora prosecutor.

Kariqi was arrested a few days ago on charges of bribery.

According to wiretaps acquired by the Special Prosecution Office Against Corruption (SPAK), Kariqi received € 2,000 in exchange for a more lenient sentence against a defendant caught with 4 kg of cannabis in Kukës.

The Head Prosecutor is currently in jail.

KLP suspended also Maksim Sota, who was arrested on charges of abuse of office as part of a larger anti-mafia operation last Friday. According to witness testimony, Sota lived in an apartment paid for by drug traffickers.

Sota is under house arrest.