From: Alice Taylo
OSCE Calls for Transparency in the Appointment of New Head of Albanian Media Authority

The OSCE Presence in Albania has demanded a transparent process in the selection of the chairman of the Audiovisual Media Authority.

“We underline the importance of a comprehensive and transparent process for the appointment of the President and new members of the AMA, to ensure that the AMA best fulfills its sensitive mission,” said the OSCE Presence in Albania, in the official site.

“We have been in contact with relevant actors, stressing the need for an independent media regulatory body,” the OSCE added.

The organization stopped short of calling for the appointments to be postponed until the start of the new parliament session in September, like the EU Delegation.

The Albanian Parliament is set to decide on who will head AMA today. One of the individuals in the running is Armela Krasniqi, who has worked for the Socialist Party for over a decade in various roles, including being Director of Communications for Prime Minister Edi Rama. Alket Dibra is also in the running and little information is available on him. It appears he has not worked in media or as a journalist in Albania in any capacity.

Today, the EUD said that “media regulatory authorities need to work impartially, transparently and with a legitimacy that is recognized by all.” They also stated that they had revised the Audiovisual Media Services Directive and had introduced new independence requirements for national media regulators, including “the obligation to set up transparent and independent procedures for the appointment and dismissal of the chair and board members.”

They continued that there should be no doubt about the non-partisan, professional, and pluralistic nature of the work of AMA.

In terms of today’s pending decision, they invite the government to consider waiting until September to complete the selection, “in order to achieve the widest possible consensus and legitimacy.”