From: Alice Taylor
Albanian Muslim Leader Criticises Domestic Violence and Divorce

On the occasion of Greater Eid, known in Albania as “Bajram,” the head of the Muslim Community of Albania, Bujar Spahiu, took the opportunity to denounce instances of domestic violence in Albania.

He noted that “reports of domestic violence are growing every day” and described the situation as “unacceptable.”

In fact, at least 53% of Albanian women will experience at least one form of domestic violence in their lives. Thousands of protection orders are issued each year, as much as eight per day. Out of the 4627 reported instances of domestic violence in 2020, the police only prosecuted 13%. Furthermore, most cases go unreported, meaning the instances of violence in the country are much higher.

This year alone, there have been several horrific femicides, including the brutal murder of a pregnant woman and two murder-suicides.

Spahiu then went on to criticize divorce. He said it’s becoming more common, especially for those with children. He claimed that “the damage caused to the child by the divorce of parents is unacceptable” and said this is backed up by “sociological studies.”

He didn’t comment on what impact living in an abusive and violent situation has on children.

In fact, numerous sources show that children in a toxic family environment are prone to developing anxiety, depression, and other behavioral issues. Whereas children whose parents divorce will adjust over time.