From: Exit News
Dangerous Weekend for Drivers on Albania’s Roads

A woman lost her life in a car accident in Hamallaj, near Durres on Saturday.

The victim was a passenger in one of two vehicles that collided. The drivers of the two vehicles were accompanied by the police for questioning.

Another accident took place on the Lushnje-Fier highway due to the presence of an animal in the middle lane. The motorist put on the breaks in the high-speed late to avoid colliding with the animal.

A car with a family of five was behind them. Fortunately, they were not killed, and despite the vehicles being write-offs, they are in a stable condition.

Car accidents are on the rise in Albania, In 2020, there were an average of 106 accidents a day throughout the country. Depsite initiatives introduced by the police, the number continues to rise.

Earlier this summer, an entire family was wiped out when a young driver who was speeding, crashed into the back of their car.