From: Alice Taylor
Fires Continue to Rage Across Albania as Temperatures Remain High

As high temperatures persist in Albania, a number of forest fires have engulfed swathes of the country.

According to reports, in recent days, significant fires are continuing to burn in Vlora, Fier, Lushnja, and Kurbin. Hundreds of hectares of forests and pastures are at risk.

Some 120 hectares of pastures and pines were burned on Dukat mountain, 7,000 olive trees in Zheje i Kurbinit, and 3 hectares of pine, 300 olive trees, and 500 meters of vineyards in Lalar, Kraps, and Gjorgoz,

In July, within the Municipality of Lushnje, a total of 10 large fires were reported. Most were accidental, but in two cases, police arrested two individuals for arson.

Another fire was reported in Radhime and one in Orikum, both of which are close to homes and businesses.

In the Protected Area of Karabrun, a large fire is raging and required intervention from the army. Due to difficult terrain and a lack of proper equipment, the authorities are struggling to put out the blaze. Some 80 hectares of forest have been lost so far, and there are fears the wind will continue to spread the flames.

A fire was also reported in the village of Vjosa in Fier. It’s currently limited to bushes and grass, but there is a risk of spreading olive groves and even property. The fire brigades of Fier and Patos are working to bring the situation under control.

The suburbs of the city of Fier have been engulfed in flames for the last four days, which were reported to have originated from the burning of waste in the old landfill. Thankfully, fire crews were able to extinguish them.

Blazes have also been reported on Mount Tomorri near Berat in the south of the country.