From: Exit Staff
US President Accepts Posthumous Award from Kosovo for Son

On Sunday, US President Joe Biden will accept an award from Kosovo, on behalf of his late son Beau.

Beau died of brain cancer in 2015. He is being awarded for his work in helping the country strengthen its justice system, according to a White House official. Bau worked in Kosovo following the brutal 1998-1999 war for independence from Serbia. He helped to train prosecutors and judges in collaboration with the OSCE.

The ceremony will take place tomorrow and the award will be presented by the President of Kosovo Vjosa Osmani.

In a pre-recorded video of acceptance, widely available online, Biden says that the receipt of the award is a “great honor.” He added that his son’s children, Natalie and Hunter, were present as he recorded the message.

Biden said in his message that the family is deeply moved and grateful for the recognition the nation of Kosovo has given his family.

Beau could see, even then, the future was possible for your proud country. The future of Kosovo has so long been denied. That’s why he was so committed to working with the people of Kosovo to make sure that the war crimes were thoroughly investigated and professionally prosecuted, to help Kosovo build a fair judicial system capable of bringing justice and reconciliation to the country,” he said in his address.

Kosovo named a highway after Beau in 2016.