From: Exit News
Albanian President Vetoes Amendments to State Budget

Albanian President Ilir Meta has returned to Parliament for reconsideration a law on the management of the state budget that sought to increase public debt.

Parliament passed the law at the end of June, and the accompanying rapport explained that the increase would help the country’s economy recover after the 2019 earthquake and the pandemic.

In his decree, Meta stated that the law was unconstitutional and surpasses the competences of the Council of Ministers.

According to Meta, the normative act through which the amendment was passed can only be used in situations of emergency, which is no longer the case for Albania.

He sent the law act back to Parliament, asking that it explore a more sustainable way to help Albania’s economy in the longterm, without risking a further and risky increase to the country’s public debt.

This is Meta’s second veto this week. On Tuesday, he also vetoed Parliament’s law on foreign residents.