From: Exit Staff
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Launches Program to Help Albanian Startups

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in partnership with Ofiçina innovation hub, has launched the project Empowering Albanian Start-ups.

This project is part of the EBRD Program for the Western Balkans called “Star Venture” which targets promising local companies.

EBRD’s Star Venture Programme aims to provide technical assistance and train startup companies to their full potential and support the acceleration of their growth.

12 selected startup businesses will be supported for a period of six months. During this time, they will receive technical assistance and expertise from local and international experts. The program will focus on empowering and encouraging innovation in various sectors in Albania. It will also encourage entrepreneurs to identify a sustainable journey, and build a successful strategy.

The project activities will enable startups to expand into international markets and access alternative ways of financing for further growth. It will also help them with analyzing the market, evaluating the potential of products or services in the market, creating a marketing roadmap, and understanding how to expand a business with partners, investors, and customer. It will also help raise awareness on the importance of intellectual property rights and increasing capacity in their management.

The Star Venture program for the Western Balkans region is funded by the European Union, Luxembourg and Korea through the EBRD Small Business Impact Fund. Among the other donors are Italy, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, TaiwanBusines, the EBRD Technical Cooperation Fund and the US.