From: Exit Staff
First Afghan Refugees Arrive in Albania

The first group of Afghan refugees has arrived in Albania.

They arrived at Tirana International Airport around 3 am. Some 121 people have landed, comprising of mainly families including children.

Albania will offer a temporary refuge to Afghans fleeing the seizure of Afghanistan by the Taliban following the withdrawal of US troops. It’s believed they will be medically evaluated in tents set up by the airport before being moved to student dormitories at Student City in Tirana. They will be granted temporary Protection Status.

Afghan refugees will remain in Albania until their application for a US visa has been processed.

The evacuation comes after two suicide attacks at Kabul Airport yesterday. The attacks, claimed by terror group ISIS-K claimed the lives of more than 60 people, including women and children. Some 140 people were injured. Casualties included 12 US citizens, 11 Marines and a doctor.