From: Alice Taylor
OSCE: 6000 Missing Albanians After Communism Is “Serious Human Rights Violation”

The OSCE Presence in Albania has called the unknown whereabouts of more than 6,000 people following the end of communism a “serious human rights violation”. They said that not knowing what happened to family members or where their remains are, is “deeply and incessantly affecting the families of the missing who long for a grave to mourn their dear ones.”

They made the comments in a statement published on Facebook to commemorate the International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances.

The OSCE stated that these missing people and the unresolved cases are a “painful and haunting wound for the Albanian society.”

It continues that the OSCE will stand alongside the Albanian authorities in their efforts to identify and recover the bodies of those who are still missing.

The Albanian authorities do not appear to be actively searching for any of those missing from communism. Several families have said their efforts to file cases with prosecutors have been halted, while the International Commission on Missing Persons said they have a number of cases pending for almost three years.