From: Exit Staff
US State Department Demands Kosovo and Serbia Abide by Trump Brokered Agreement

The US State Department has demanded that Kosovo and Serbia abide by the Washington agreements beyond the September 1 deadline.

“We hope that our partners will honor the commitments they made last year in Washington in good faith. Numerous elements of the agreement support the priorities of our broader vision of the region – energy diversification, regional connectivity, the application of a moratorium on membership in international organizations and campaigns to withdraw recognition of Kosovo’s independence, as well as the identification and identification of missing people, “an unnamed source from the State Department told Voice of America.

In the separate agreements that the parties signed with President Trump on September 3-4, Serbia vowed to stop until September 1, 2021, the campaign for the withdrawal of Kosovo’s recognition, while the latter must stop lobbying for membership in international organizations.

DASH also demanded that the parties not wait for a normalization agreement to start cooperating in various fields.

They reaffirmed their confidence in the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, mediated by the European Union, to lay the foundations for lasting cooperation between them.

“We support the EU-mediated dialogue and encourage new parties – involved in the process – given the urgency of resolving technical and political issues,” the anonymous official said.

The Washington agreement was opposed as an agreement without any international legal value, as there was no Kosovo-Serbia agreement.

Experts saw it as an advertisement and “a failed campaign hoax” by the Trump administration.

In July, the Parliament of Kosovo failed to pass a resolution for the implementation of the Washington-backed deal.