From: Exit News
Survey Reveals Economy, Unemployment, and Corruption Main Concerns for Albanians

The economy, unemployment, and corruption rank among the main concerns for Albanians according to a survey by Euronews Albania.

In August, Euronews conducted in-person interviews with 1,000 Albanians in urban and rural areas.

The survey found that around 30% of Albanians worry about health and immigration, while justice, COVID-19, and the environment fall low in the list of concerns.

Albanians rate the economy as their main concern, with 48% describing the general economic situation as “bad.”

Likewise, 49% of Albanians see unemployment as a national priority, with those in the 35-44 age group featuring most prominently in this group.

There is a general sense of pessimism regarding how the country is doing. Only 19.5% of respondents saw the situation as positive, with 37% having a neutral view of things, and 43.3% describing it as “bad” and “very bad.”

About 40% of those who consider the situation to be “good” and “very good” are Socialist Party voters.  Whereas, 63% of Democratic Party (PD) voters ranked the situation as “bad” or “very bad.”