From: Exit Staff
Socialist Majority to Vote Against Committee of Inquiry into €110 million Arbitration Loss

The Socialist Party (PS) is expected to vote against the establishment of a committee of inquiry to investigate Albania’s arbitration case against Italian businessman Francesco Becchetti.

In April, an arbitration panel ordered Albania to pay Becchetti €110 million for the “politically motivated” government closure of his Agon television channel in 2015.

In early October, the opposition Democratic Party (PD) requested that Parliament set a committee of inquiry to investigate the Albania’s government responsibility in this case. This is one of three simultaneous requests filed by the PD, the other two for the investigation of the April 25 elections and waste incinerators.

Taulant Balla, head of the PS’s parliamentary group, said that the establishment of the committee is unconstitutional as it would go against Albania’s legal interests at the moment.

He also said that a committee of inquiry may be established at a later date once the case in question is finalized.

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