From: Alba Mborja
7 Arrested on Election Related Incidents in Kosovo

At least seven people are in detention on charges of illegally influencing the vote in Kosovo’s local elections.

Four persons were arrested on Saturday in Kllokota Commune. They are all relatives of candidates for municipal councillors from the Serbian Lista Sprska, and are accused of efforts to buy votes.

Two employees of election administration in the Malisheve Commune were arrested on Sunday also on charges of vote-buying.

Another person was arrested in the Suhareke Communy, on Sunday, for disturbing public order and obstructing the voting process in one voting stations.

The above incidents seem isolated and sporadic, as the voting process has gone smoothly throughout Kosovo.

Voting on local elections is taking place in 2477 voting stations in 36 communes throughout the country. The voting stations are set to close at 19:00.