From: Exit Staff
EU Delegation Is Yet to Read Opposition Proposal on Vetting Politicians

The EU Delegation in Albania has not read the constitutional amendments on vetting Albanian politicians, submitted to parliament by the opposition Democratic Party (PD). 

Luigi Soreca, the head of the delegation, told journalists in Korce on Thursday that he was therefore unable to comment on the proposal.

The opposition proposal offers a process for vetting politicians similar to the one implemented under the justice reform, which is strongly backed by the European Union.

A version of it was initially introduced in 2018, but the Socialist majority refused to back it, claiming it would undermine the authority of new justice institutions like the special prosecution against corruption and organized crime (SPAK), which would be the one to investigate politicians.

With all justice institutions formed since then, the opposition has proposed constitutional amendments requiring that SPAK investigate politicians over potential ties to criminal activity and the sources of their wealth.

The leader of the Socialist Party, prime minister Edi Rama, has also refused to comment on the proposal, stating that he is open to sit in talks with the opposition before the parliamentary vote, which requires bipartisan support.