From: Exit Staff
Tremors Rock North Eastern Albania Causing Damage to Buildings

A total of five earthquakes shook Albania on Friday, registering between 3.3 and 4.7 on the Richter scale.

The first took place around 6 am some 58 km northeast of Tirana, in Dibra County, near the border with North Macedonia. It registered 3.3 magnitude. The second registered 4.7 magnitude just moments later. Another two took place after 10 am (3.6 and 3.3) and a fifth around 12:23 pm registering 3.8.

It was reported that people in Dibra rushed into the streets in fear, following the series of quakes. The most affected areas include Gjorice and Topojan, where damage has been reported to some houses and other structures.

No serious injuries or building collapses have been reported.

It has been nearly two years since Albania experienced a 6.8 magnitude earthquake near the coastal city of Durres. The quake caused over EUR 1 billion in damage, killed 51 people and left thousands homeless.