From: Exit Staff
Albania Denies Claims It Will Open Detention Center for UK’s Asylum Seekers

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama has denied claims by British media that Albania will open a detention center and process asylum seekers who cross the Channel to the UK.

On Thursday, the Times reported that the two countries are working on a deal so that migrants who arrive on British beaches will be taken to Albania for processing. According to the Times, the British government is in “discreet talks” with Albania to establish an asylum center after failing to reach a similar agreement with other countries.

Albanian leaders were quick to dismiss the claims.

Foreign Minister Olta Xhaçka described the reports “fake news,” and slammed the Times for getting her gender wrong.

Meanwhile, Minister of Justice Ulsi Manja said that the only agreement in the works between the UK and Ireland and Albania is one related to extradition.

Like Rama, he excluded the possibility that migrants would be detained in Albania as their asylum claims were processed in the UK or any other country.

The Albanian government denied also vehemently similar claims made by The Sun in October.