From: Exit Staff
Albania Reports Highest Rate of Self-Employed in Europe

Almost 32% of employed Albanians report they are self-employed, according to data from INSTAT for the year 2020.

This puts it at first place in Europe, more than double the average of 13.3%. Second is Greece with 28.4%, Italy with 20.1%, and Turkey with 19.3%.

In the Western Balkans, Serbia has a high self-employment rate of 19.2%, followed by Montenegro with 17.2%.

Some 41% of those self-employed in Albania have a low level of education at the high school level.  Those with a higher degree of education, some 12% are self-employed.

In terms of sex, men are more likely to start a business than their female counterparts. The highest number of self-employed in terms of age is those over 65 years old (60%) and the lowest is those aged up to 24 (20%).