From: Exit Staff
Albanian Government Prohibits Pedophiles and Child Abusers from Becoming Teachers

The Albanian government has issued an instruction that will prohibit anyone with a criminal record from working as a teacher in the country.

Minister of Education, Evis Kushi made the announcement today following outrage over a physics teacher in Berat was found to have previously been convicted for pedophilia and sexual harassment of a minor in 2003. Despite this, he was still able to apply and get a position as a teacher in a school.

Kushi said, “Taking into account the recent case in Berat, today I immediately signed the change of instruction that prohibits the application and competition to work as teachers, for convicted people, who the court has decided on a criminal offense against minors or educational institutions.”

Unfortunately, it seems that those convicted of other offences can still become teachers. Outside of Albania, a criminal offence will typically exclude the individual from becoming a teacher, along with many other kinds of jobs.