From: Exit Staff
Albanian Prosecutors Demand 20 Years in Prison for Italian Businessman

Albanian prosecutors demand 20 years in prison for Italian businessman Francesco Becchetti, accusing him of money laundering, document forgery, and tax fraud.

In April, an arbitration panel ordered Albania to pay Becchetti €110 million for the “politically motivated” government closure of his Agon television channel in 2015.

An ad hoc panel of International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), an arbitration court, rejected a request by the Albanian government for the annulment of the court’s decision in April 2019 to award Bechetti €110 million. This is a final decision by the arbitration court.

In early October, the Democratic Party (PD) requested that Parliament set a committee of inquiry to investigate the Albania’s government responsibility in this case. The ruling Socialist Party rejected the request citing confidentiality.

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