From: Exit Staff
Third Data Leak Containing License Plate Numbers Suspected in Albania

Data leaks continue in Albania, as a third document in just as many days is circulating online, this time containing license plate numbers.

This files allegedly includes the license plate numbers of 530,452 Albanian private citizens and 61,513 businesses, banks, and even embassies among others. It also contains information about each car, including color and manufacturer.

Starting Wednesday, Excel files containing the names, monthly salaries, workplaces, ID numbers, and even phone numbers of more than 630,000 Albanians have been shared by media portals and through WhatsApp.

Prime Minister Edi Rama apologized to Albanians for this breach of their security and called on prosecutors to continue investigations. He denied there was any evidence of an external cybersecurity breach, referring to the matter as an “internal” leak.

Albanian prosecutors have begun investigations into the matter, calling in for questioning employees from the government information agency and tax offices.

This is the third time this year that Albanians have suffered a sensitive data leak. In April 2021, the data of some 910,000 Albanians were leaked to the public domain. This data was allegedly taken from the Civil Registry and provided to the Socialist Party for use in the electoral campaign.