From: Exit Staff
Albanian Journalist Attacked by Special Police Forces in Shkodra

Simon Shkreli, an Albanian journalist for TV Rozafa and ABC News in the northern city of Shkodra, was attacked by the Albanian Special Police Forces (RENEA) on Thursday.

While on a walk with his children, Shkreli came across the local police force and RENEA operatives doing a sweep of the area. He put on his journalist badge and proceeded to record the scene. A police officer in civilian clothing approached him and asked him to stop recording before Shkreli identified himself as a journalist.

According to Shkreli, he was recognized by the head of the Shkodra Police who took him aside and asked him again to stop recording. When Shkreli refused, a RENEA operative approached him, grabbed him and removed the journalist badge while using denigrated language towards Shkreli, in the presence of his children.

Shkreli told the Safe Journalists Network that he has filed a complaint with the Shkodra Police where he was welcomed by two officers of the Internal Affairs division.

The police issued a statement declaring they have started an internal investigation on the matter and will be dealing with the officer who abused his duties.