From: Exit Staff
Berisha Calls on Supporters to Retreat, Warns Further Protests

Sali Berisha has called for a stop to today’s protest for taking back control of the Democratic Party’s headquarters but has warned that protests will continue.

At 10 a.m. this morning, hundreds Berisha supporters gathered at the PD headquarters in Tirana as chairman Lulzim Basha and other PD members reportedly held a meeting inside.

Protestors used hammers to break into the secured building, and crowbars to smash windows on both floors.

After more hours of clashes, the police intervened with water cannons and tear gas to disband the protestors.

Berisha called the event a “peaceful protest,” condemning the actions of the police, and warning that they will continue with protests until they take back the PD headquarters and transform it into a “house of freedom.”

When asked about the violence displayed by the protestors today, Berisha said that that one cannot call violence “attempts to enter one’s own house.”

Berish and his supporters contend that Basha is no longer legitimate leader of the party after a party-wide referendum held on December 18 voted to oust him.