From: Željko Trkanjec |
List of Macedonian Cabinet Nominees Features Nine Albanian Names

Dimitar Kovačevski, Prime Minister-designate of North Macedonia, has sent the list of cabinet nominees and the government’s potential programme to parliament for its approval. 

Speaker Talaf Xhaferi scheduled the session for selecting the new government for 15 January.

The list of cabinet nominees features nine Albanian names. Albanian party DUI will have six ministers in the new government. The Alternative Party, also Albanian, will have three while the other 12, including Kovačevski, will come from the SDSM (Social Democrats) coalition.

As expected, Radmila Šekerinska left the government, and the proposed new Defence Minister is Slavjanka Petrovska.

Slavica Grkovska is the nominee for the Deputy Prime Minister for the Fight against Corruption and Crime, Sustainable Development and Human Resources, and Bojan Maričić, the nominee for Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs.

Oliver Spasovski will keep his position as Interior Minister.