From: Exit Staff
Basha Expels Pro-Berisha MPs from Democratic Party’s Parliamentary Group

The contested chairman of the Democratic Party (PD) Lulzim Basha has expelled four members from the PD’s parliamentary group as supporters of former Prime Minister and President Sali Berisha.

The four MPs are contesting the decision and have asked Parliament not to accept it.

The Albanian Parliament is currently convening for its first session of 2022 and Erdogan is expected to give a speech.

Last week, PD’s leadership expelled Berisha from the party as well as seven members of a provisional committee set up after a party convention that Basha and his supporters consider illegitimate. They also suspended 20 long-term PD members.

The decision was taken in the aftermath of Berisha’s protest at PD headquarters on January 8 when the former prime minister’s supporters attacked the building in an attempt to reclaim it for their faction.

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