From: Exit Staff
Albania Has Over 500 MW of Solar Plants Planned

Albania currently has a number of solar power projects in the pipeline, equating to a combined 570 megawatts of power, when completed.

The various projects are currently in the licensing stage which is the remit of the Energy Regulatory Authority, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, and the National Environmental Agency.

The projects include:

  • SVP Blue 1 and SVP Blue 2, 100 MW combined
  • Vau i Dejes 5.1 MW and 12.9 MW
  • Karavastar Solar 140 MW
  • Info-Telecom 50 MW
  • Agar- Solar 150 MW
  • Spitalle Solar Park 100 MW

Prime Minister Edi Rama said in October 2021 that Albania will become a regional champion in renewable energy production. While most energy produced in the country is from hydropower plants, this is not sustainable in the long term due to increasing demand and climate change.