From: Exit Staff
Albanian President Addresses Constitutional Court ahead of Dismissal Ruling

Albanian President Ilir Meta has sent a letter with requests for clarification to the Constitutional Court as this latter prepares to rule on the Parliament’s decision to dismiss him next Tuesday (1 February).

The letter sets out several requests for clarifications as Meta accuses the court of failing to communicate with his office in due manner regarding the trial.

In his letter, Meta wishes to know what procedures the court followed when deciding which case judge to appoint to his matter. He also wants to receive more information on what evidence was presented in support of the Parliament’s decision to sack him.

Finally, Meta points out that the case was brought to the Supreme Court in July 2021. Under the law, the Court must present a decision within three months, instead the ruling has been delayed for several months, undermining his right to due process.

In a historical first, the Albanian Parliament dismissed President Ilir Meta last June for “serious violations” of the Constitution during the April electoral campaign. 105 MPs in the 140-seat parliament voted for Meta’s dismissal, 7 MPs voted against, and 3 abstained.

During the April electoral campaign, Meta accused the government of being involved in preparations to rig the elections, of colluding with criminal gangs to buy votes, and called on people to defend their vote.

The decision was forwarded to the Constitutional Court for its review. For the dismissal to be finalized, 5 of the 7 members of the Constitutional Court should support Meta’s dismissal, including at least 1 judge proposed by him.