From: Bledar Qalliu
Albanian President Accuses Parliament of Falsifying Evidence for His Dismissal

President Ilir Meta has filed a criminal report against parliament officials for having allegedly falsified documents sent to the Constitutional Court in support of his dismissal.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Meta announced he had sent the report to the all three prosecution offices—the Special Prosecution against Corruption and Organized Crime (SPAK), the General Prosecution, and the Tirana Prosecution.

“The foundations of the republic were severely shattered. This is a coup attempt against the head of state. They have falsified [documents sent to] the Constitutional Court in order to dismiss the President,” Meta told the media.

The president’s team alleged that parliament changed the date and content of a document during parliamentary procedures for his dismissal last year.

Meta was dismissed by the parliament controlled by the ruling Socialist Party, and the case now awaits the final verdict of the Constitutional Court.

Socialists accused him of taking sides in the electoral campaign, harming relations with international partners, and failing to maintain the nation’s unity.

The constitution stipulates that the President can only be dismissed if he commits “serious violations” of the constitution. A parliamentary committee run by Socialists concluded that Meta’s actions during the electoral campaign amounted to such “serious violations”.

A Constitutional Court decision is pending, after the court heard arguments by both sides last week.