From: Exit Staff
Russian Airline to Start Direct Flights to Tirana

Nordwind Airlines, a Russian carrier is set to start direct flights from Moscow to Tirana, starting 30 April.

The news was broken by the company in an official statement. Flights will operate twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The airline currently services North Macedonia, Turkey, Croatia and Serbia.

Albania does not have a particularly strong relationship with Russia and there is little in the way of Russian investment in the country. Answering questions from Exit, the Russian embassy said, “We cannot give you an example of a big project the embassy has been working on in the last two years.”

However, they added that the Russian government allocates between 35 and 50 scholarships to Albanian students to study in Russia, every year. In addition, they noted, the embassy provides “technical, consular, and sometimes financial support to Albanian singers and artists who participate in international competitions, festivals, and cultural activities organised in Russia.”

Finally, the embassy said,”The Albanian Ministry of Culture together with their Russian colleagues have prepared for signing a programme on bilateral cultural exchanges” for the period 2022-2023.