From: Exit Staff
Albania Announces Sanctions against Russia

Minister of Foreign Affairs Olta Xhaçka has unveiled Albania’s sanctions against Russia, which include the freezing of assets and banning Russian aircrafts from entering Albanian airspace.

Albania will freeze the assets of 654 individuals, including Putin. It will also impose restrictions on Albania’s trade relations with Russia in the fields of finance, energy, technology, and transportation.

Russian aircrafts will be banned from entering Albanian airspace and people designated by the EU will not be allowed to enter Albania.

Finally, all sports matches against Russia will be annulled, including an upcoming soccer match scheduled for June 2022.

Xhaçka announced that the measures will be presented to Parliament for its vote.

Earlier today, the European Union announced their own sanctions against Russia. These sanctions include banning Russian aircrafts from EU airspace, banning state-owned Russian media outlets from broadcasting in the EU, and imposing sanctions against Belarus.

In a first in the history of the Union, the EU will also finance the purchase and delivery of weapons and equipment to Ukraine.