From: Exit News
Kosovo Serbs Boycott Vote on Resolution Condemning Russian Aggression 

On Thursday, the Serb members of Kosovo parliament boycotted the vote on a resolution condemning the Russian aggression against Ukraine. 

The resolution passed with 94 out of 120 votes, receiving support by Kosovo parties across the spectrum, except for the Lista Srpska party which is controlled by Belgrade.

lista srpska ukraine
Lista Srpska MPs

Printed Ukrainian flags reading “We Stand with Ukraine” were left on each MP’s desk by parliament administration before the session. Serb MPs did not participate in a photo of all MPs holding the Ukrainian flag, and later they turned upside down the flags on their desks before boycotting the vote on the resolution.

The Serbian leadership has refused to explicitly condemn the Russian aggression of Ukraine, although they were pressured into voting in favor of a UN General Assembly resolution “deploring” the military operation. 

Serbia remains the only country in Europe to refuse to impose sanctions on Russia.