From: Exit Staff
Albanian Incinerator Workers in Fier Protest Unpaid Wages

The workers at the Fier incinerator have shut down access to the plant in protest as they claim they have not been paid in the past four months.

“We have an employment contract, we have not received salaries for 2022 since January. We have been left like fish out of water,” an employee told Euronews Albania.

The Fier incinerator is one of three incinerators at the center of a corruption scandal concerning the Albanian government’s decision to award their construction and operation to a newly created company—with no capital or experience in the matter.

In all three cases, the terms for the completion of the works have been surpassed by several years. The government has paid the company more than €55 million for the Elbasan and Fier incinerators, and roughly €37 million for Tirana so far.

Last month, the Fier incinerator was seized by the Albanian government, who is now responsible for paying the salaries of the incinerator workers.

The Special Court against Corruption and Organized Crime (GJKKO) has issued several arrest warrants concerning the Fier incinerator, including former for former Minister of Environment Lefter Koka and ex-Socialist MP Alqi Bllako.

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