From: Exit News
Kosovo Police Seize Cannabis Lab in Serb-Majority North

Kosovo police seized a cannabis cultivation lab with over 10,000 plants ready for market.

The operation was conducted on Tuesday in the Serb-majority north of the country, during which the police was shot at when th firearms.

Minister of Interior Xhelal Svecla said no one was injured so far and the operation was ongoing. He vowed to continue the fight agaisnt crime throughout the territory.

The operation was also welcomed by Lista Srpska, the only political party representing Kosovo Serbs in the country’s institutions and which is backed by Belgrade. It has opposed similar operations agaisnt organized crime in the past, claiming they were meant to suppress the Serbian minority.

Kosovo’s north is a hot-spot for criminal activities, smuggling in particular. A number of attacks were staged agaisnt the police in the area this month but no victims among officers were registered.