From: Exit Staff
10 Police Injured, 60 Fans Arrested Ahead of Conference League Final in Tirana

Ahead of Wednesday’s Conference League Final in Tirana between Dutch team Feyenoord and Italian team Roma, numerous brawls and incidents have been recorded including several injured police.

Over 100,000 fans are expected to be in Tirana over the coming days even though the stadium where the match is being held, hosts only 20,000. The streets of the city centre will be mainly closed and Wednesday, May 25, has been declared a public holiday.

A number of incidents took place on Tuesday evening, attributed mainly to Dutch fans. One example was dozens of fans clashing with police and brawling, resulting in an increased police presence to disperse them. Feyenoord fans hit officers with glass bottles, sticks, and stones.

 In another bar, a Feyenoord fan hit an Albanian customer and the argument degenerated into chairs being thrown.

Another incident involving Roma fans near the police directorate resulted in a police car being vandalised and its windows smashed in.

At a brawl by the Palace with Arrows, another clash took place and nine fans were injured and three were arrested.

In total 10 police officers are injured, 60 fans have been arrested.