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Vucic to Soon Discuss Gas, Further Cooperation with Putin

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić is scheduled to discuss further cooperation and a new gas contract with Russian President Vladimir Putin at 11 am Sunday, said Vučić who hopes “the conversation will be good and fair.”

When touring a bypass being built around Belgrade, Vučić criticised opposition representatives saying that they had laughed and rejoiced “when they lied that there will be no conversation with Putin.” He also announced important visits to Serbia, both from Europe and Russia.

Vučić told reporters that Serbia had not changed its policy for 90 days now and that it had not introduced sanctions against Russia. “We are holding our [own] Serbian position and leading a policy in accordance with our national and state interests,” Vučić said.

The president also said that many soothsayers on the political scene had claimed that Serbia would impose sanctions on Russia as soon as the elections were over but that it was now the end of May.

Serbia has enough goods as the sugar shortage has been solved, said the president, adding that citizens should not hoard goods and only buy as much as they need.