From: Exit News
Rama Visits Prishtina for Joint Meeting with Kosovo Government

Prime Minister Edi Rama will be in Prishtina on Monday (20 June) to participate in a joint meeting with the government of Kosovo and Prime Minister Albin Kurti.

Today’s bilateral meeting will be the eight such event organized between the two countries since Kosovo declared independence in 2008.

No schedule has been made available yet for Monday’s meeting, but Rama said on Sunday (19 June) that Albania will remove all custom charges for products from Kosovo.

The two governments last met in November 2021, where they signed thirteen agreements on border security and the free movement of goods and people.

One of the agreements stipulated that Kosovo citizens will be able to get a five-year residence and work permit in Albania through a single application, requiring a reduced number of documents. This will also apply for Albanian citizens seeking to move to Kosovo.

Each country will recognize the other’s diplomas and certificates, and an agreement was signed for the recognition of social security contributions. This latter will benefit those on pregnancy leave, people who have suffered accidents at work, as well as those on disability pensions in both countries.

The two governments also vowed to work together for the construction of a railway line between Durrës and Prishtina.

Kurti and Rama agreed to establish an intergovernmental secretariat that will oversee the implementation of these and other agreements signed between the two countries.

Prior to this meeting, Albania and Kosovo had signed a total of 86 agreements, only 49% of which have been fully implemented.