From: Exit Staff
1000 Albanians Apply for Asylum in EU in March

In March 2022, almost 1000 Albanians applied for asylum in an EU member state, marking an increase on the previous month by 5%, but less than in September 2021 when they reached 1800.

Albania struggles with a high number of asylum seekers looking for protection in EU countries and the EU. Thousands apply and while many are denied, several hundred are approved every year despite the EU hopeful being considered a ‘safe country’.

In the first quarter of the year, almost 3000 applications were made in the EU with around 50% being in France, followed by Germany with 23%, according to Eurostat data.

Partial data for April and May shows the trend has continued with almost 500 in May, although this could increase when data is finalised.

Eurostat does not report data from the UK since it exited the EU, but application numbers are high there also.

According to Eurostat, in March 2022, 73,850 asylum seekers (non-EU citizens) applied for international protection in EU Member States, 115% more compared to March 2021 (34,310) and 35 % more compared to February 2022 (54,565).

The increase from February to March 2022 can be attributed mainly to Ukrainian applicants due to Russia’s invasion.