From: Exit Staff
42% of Albanians Want to Emigrate to EU, US

Around 42% of Albanians want to leave the country according to the Balkan Barometer 2022 from the Regional Cooperation Council.

The report surveyed over 6000 citizens in the Western Balkans on issues impacting them including quality of life, income and work, government, and judicial matters.

Out of those that want to go, 64% want to go to the EU, 28% to the US, 8% to another Western Balkan country and 8% to another country.

According to the results, regionally citizens are 41% satisfied with their quality of life, however, their expectations have increased for the future, rising to 46% from just 20% in 2020. This is, however, a decrease from 56% in 2014.

The number of respondents living in lower-than-average conditions increased, with 88% of Albanians believing the gap between rich and poor is a problem. Almost 40% were unhappy with their personal finances.

The report also shows that Albanians are the second most concerned group of citizens when it comes to disinformation- the first place went to neighbouring North Macedonia.

When it comes to finding out information on COVID-19, Albanians trust doctors most, followed by television, then their friends, colleagues, or family members.

The justice system in Albania is the least transparent in the region. This economy has the most significant share of respondents (65%) compared to other economies who rated this system there negatively in terms of transparency.

When it comes to equal application of the law, again, Albania is the leading economy on the negative side, with 82% of respondents distrustful of equal application of the law there and only 17% trustful of it; thus further widening the gap between the two, from 34% last year to 65% in this edition.