From: Exit Staff
WB: Significant Untapped Potential for Albania’s Agriculture Sector

Albania has significant untapped potential when it comes to its agricultural production sector, particularly that of tomatoes which could be a source of considerable income for farmers, according to a report by the World Bank.

The agricultural sector in Albania struggles with a myriad of problems. These include ineffective farming methods, distribution issues, low subsidies, rising fertiliser prices, and competition from foreign products. While the country is home to a large number of farms and plenty of fertile land, its farmers continue to struggle.

But the report found that Albanians are significantly underselling their products sometimes, including the humble tomato. Exports from the country work out at $0.5 a kilo while Italy exports the sam product to the UK at $2.4 per kilo.

The report suggests that Albania should consider selling their products to more developed markets such as those in Western Europe, as in terms of international standards, Albanian products can compete.

It notes that the export companies and Ministry of Agriculture should work in assisting with the necessary certifications in order to increase income for farmers, instead of many operating at a loss.

Other products identified by the WB as possible sources of income for Albanian farmers include fish, nuts, fruit, watermelons and canned olives.

The Albanian Agribusiness Support Agency, FAO, the Harvard University Center for International Development and the national EU aid agencies, ranked these products as having great export potential.