From: Exit News
Albanians Don’t Think you Need Money and Success to Be Happy

The majority of Albanians prioritise education and think that it is the key to a successful future, according to findings from the Balkan Barometer 2022.

The survey looked at peoples views, experiences, and opinions in various countries across the Western Balkans, on topics such as politics, society, education, and heath.

Some 50% of Albanians surveyed said that having a good education was the most important thing needed to move forward in life. This is much higher than in neighbouring countries where 15% of Kosovo citizens agree, 20% of Macedonians, 21% of Montenegrins, and 21% of Serbs.

While still high, the number of Albanians who think this way has decreased from last years study where 88% associated education with success.

In general, regional populations believe that success in life comes from knowing the right people, with 17% of Albanians thinking this. The number is much higher in Kosovo (35%) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (29%).

Some 15% of people also said that being successful in life was directly linked to happiness and 8% said happiness was linked to wealth. In other words, Albanians don’t think you need to be successful and rich to be happy.