From: Exit Staff
Investor Confidence Falls in Albania, Survey Says

The outlook for doing business in Albania has worsened according to the Index of Foreign Investors 2021-2022, compared to the previous edition, which was carried out in 2019.

Results were published by the Foreign Investors Association after rating the expectations relating to the economic situation in 2022, with 100 being the highest and zero the lowest. Albania received a ranking of 44 out of 100, dropping a point from last year.

Particular issues highlighted by the report included the judicial system, ranked with just 33 points, and 34 points for the transparency of government entities. Bureaucracy and a lack of competition due to monopolies were also mentioned as concerning.

Over the eight sections examined, the justice system decreased while the other seven registered a slight improvement. The demand for goods and services from businesses did not change from 2019, however.

Another concern noted was the labour force, with 38 points due to difficulties finding skilled personnel within the country.

Concerns about the implementation of the law and the performance of the administrative court remain the same as in 2019, with 38 and 39 points, respectively, with a slight improvement registered in terms of civil cases. 

In the most recent American Chamber of Commerce business confidence index, confidence had dropped to its lowest level since 2012, reaching just 37.6% out of 100 in 2021. The next index is due to be released in September.

American Chamber of Commerce: Business Confidence in Albania Lowest Since 2012