From: Exit Staff
Currrent Economic Crisis Biggest Concern to Albanians, Survey Shows

The current economic crisis is the biggest concern for citizens of the Balkans right now—especially Albanians, according to the 2022 Balkan Barometer survey.

Fifty-nine per cent of respondents in Albania ranked the economic situation as their biggest problem, compared to 41% of Bosniaks, 40% of citizens from Kosovo, 57% of Macedonians, and 41% of Montenegrins and 46% of Serbs.

However, Kosovo and Montenegro consider unemployment to be the biggest issue, but the general state of the economy is a concern even for those who are employed.

Countries of the region and especially Albania, suffer from a lack of productivity, leading to low payments.

After the economic situation and unemployment, Albanians consider immigration and brain drain the third most significant problem.

Twenty-nine per cent of Albanians think that immigration is worrying for the economic perspective of the country, while in other countries in the region, that percentage is lower.

In Kosovo and North Macedonia, 20% of citizens consider the health system a significant economic problem.

Belief in the socio-economic benefits of EU membership is predominant in the region, with 60% approving of accession.