From: Exit Staff
Man Who Killed Seven-Year-Old With Boat, Remanded in Custody

The Court of Vlora has imposed prison arrest while awaiting trial for Arjan Tase, the man accused of killing a seven-year-old girl while he was driving a boat in an area reserved for swimmers at the weekend.

Tase, a former police officer who managed to get charges of abuse of office in a drug cultivation case dismissed in 2020, appeared in court today and was charged with indirect intentional homicide. It was found that the man had performed dangerous manoeuvres in an area where such vessels were prohibited, resulting in the girls instant death.

He told the court the vessel accelerated by itself, causing him to lose control. It is believed that he expressed his condolences to the family of the child, as well as to his fellow police officers.

Tase was previously charged with death from carelessness which carries a penalty of just five years in prison. Under the new charge, which assumes he did not set out to kill her, but foresaw it and consciously allowed the consequence to occur, he faces between 10-20 years in prison.

Citizens protested in Tirana on Thursday, calling for the resignation of the prime minister, interior minister, and minister of tourism. They said they will protest on Monday if their demands are not met.