From: Exit Staff
Man that Killed Seven-Year-Old Swimmer Was Driving at ‘Hellish Speed’

The father of the seven-year-old girl that was killed by a boat in Himara last weekend told investigators that the boat, driven by off-duty policeman Arjan Tase was driven at a “hellish speed”.

The prosecutor’s file has been seen by Euronews, who published some extracts of his testimony. He said he was swimming at the seashore when he saw the boat, driven by Tase, approaching the shore. He entered the swimming zone where boats are prohibited and took a turn at high speed, hitting the child with the boat’s propellors.

The boat sped off in the opposite direction but returned shortly after because everyone on the beach started shouting after him.

Witnesses to the event that spoke to Exit spoke of their trauma after the death, describing it as “like a horror film”.

One of the girl’s family members told the media that serious details from the incident are being concealed. She said the family, who live in England, will submit evidence to the British Embassy. They added that as the child was a British citizen, they have hopes the UK will investigate as well.

“The event is very serious. Crashing once wasn’t enough for him, but he turned and fired the propellers of the boat. Such an action can only occur under the influence of narcotics. I have a lot of information, but I cannot speak as we have left it to justice. The charge filed by the state police is shameful,” the family member said, adding that a number of videos from witnesses will be filed with the prosecution.

Meanwhile, the police have ordered a clamp down on the activity of pleasure boats on the Albanian coast. But owners and administrators have protested in front of the border police in Vlore as they say it is destroying their business at the peak of the tourist season.

According to them, vehicles and navigation are being blocked without reason due to an accident. They have stated that they have regular documents, and pay taxes and social security.